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PICSA: The Key to Acoustic Voice Profiling®

AllGoodSpeakers ApS proudly presents a unique innovation: PICSA. PICSA is the result of more than 15 years of intensive research and development efforts. It stands for Perception-Integrated Charismatic Speech Analysis.

With PICSA, we record your speech -- a few minutes are enough. Then, we break down your speech sample into charisma-relevant acoustic voice parameters, such as pitch, melody, and loudness, tempo, voice quality, pauses, disfluencies, stress, rhythm, etc. Each parameter is evaluated individually and weighted according to its importance for the listener.


The result is your own personal Acoustic Voice Profile® -- a precise analysis and quantification of the your individual voice's charisma.

And for an easy and informative feedback, we have additionally invented PASCAL (Prosodic Analysis of Speaker Charisma -- Assessment and Learning). PASCAL is a dynamic scoring system (0-100). It summarizes the PISCA output in a handy value that tells you at a single glance, how charismatic your voice is.

Why your voice? Because scientific research shows that your voice is perhaps the most powerful navigator on your journey to more speaker charisma. You want to inspire? You want to persuade? You want to attract attention? Your voice is your key!

But, if the voice is the key, why does rhetorical training often focus on words? For two reasons. First, because words do matter as well. PISCA-based training takes this fact into account. The second and more important reason is that words are easy! They are tangible and accessible. Everybody knows what a word is, what it means, and how to pronounce it, to replace it, and to teach it. But, who can do the same with the tone of voice? We can! Thanks to PICSA and Acoustic Voice Profiling, Allgoodspeakers has eventually made the tone of voice equally tangible and learnable as words.

Award Winning Concept

The acoustic voice profiling and training concept of PICSA and PASCAL received the BHJ Innovation Award 2018

The power behind AllGoodSpeakers?

PICSA draws its strength from the quickly and consistently growing amount of data.

Every new dataset makes our Acoustic Voice Profiling® more precise and our PASCAL score more informative. 

It is the database that sets us apart from our competitors and gives us a steady lead in our R&D activities.

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