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Products & Services

PISCA works! Research shows that Acoustic Voice Profiling® improves your charismatic voice by 30% or more on a single day. Please see here for further information.

Committed to our mission statement "Science - Guidance - Preformance", AllGoodSpeakers ApS offers you an attractive and effective selection of cutting-edge services. Check out our range of services for individual customers, customer groups, other coaches as well as for entire companies below.

You can also buy our technological products separately, for example, in order to boost your own voice or leadership-oriented services or, simply, in order to monitor, understand, analyze and, if necessary, improve your own performance and behavior.


Our services for you

(all offers can be carried out at your own facilities)

You are an achiever, searching for new challenges, and you need a voice that meets your ambitions?
Great, here are our half-day, full-day, and two-day offers for you!

Half-day offer for groups up to 10 people

  • 4 hours, 1 break included

  • € 1.100,- in total (all travel/material included)

  • One round through the PICSA training cycle, individual expert supervision & feedback, 6 months free access to PICSA training app


Full-day offer for groups up to 16 people

  • best value for money!

  • 8 hours, 1 long & 2 short breaks included

  • € 1.800,- in total (all travel/material included)

  • Like half-day offer but with two rounds through PICSA training cycle, 12 months free access to PICSA training app; and you additionally learn how to talk and read people's minds "in between the lines"!

Two-day offer for groups up to 16 people

  • 14 hours, 2 long & 4 short breaks included

  • € 3.000,- in total (all travel/material included)

  • Like full-day offer but with three rounds through PICSA training cycle, 18 months free access to PICSA training, and additional presentation writing and body language training.

Most often


Your presentation or negotiation performance is your key asset and your are looking for an intensive individual coaching?
We look forward to serving you and taking you to new heights!
No problem at all!
Please get in touch with us for a free one-hour analysis talk during which we design your own individual PICSA training concept, starting from your professional background and experience.
For your personal package you can choose from:
  • Rounds through PICSA training cycle
  • Access to PICSA training app
  • Body language training with/without BLISS
  • Artikulation/pronunciation training with/without MARRYS
  • VR-based audience training with bio-signal analysis to reduce public-speaking anxiety
  • Talking and reading people's minds "in between the lines"
  • Analysis and fine-tuning of breathing and voice
Usual price range (prev. bookings): € 1.000 - 3.000
You are supervising a large number of employees and would like to check first if and how many would benefit from PISCA training before you book a course with AllGoodSpeakers ApS?
No problem! Look at our PICSA analysis offers here!

Our great new solution for all supervisors, group leaders, team managrs, call centers, and HR departments out there!

You want your whole team to reach the next level in terms of sales, creativity, innovation, teamwork, etc. but you hesitate to buy coachings or seminars for all employees? With our large-scale screening offers, we help you identify those employees that benefit most from PICSA training - only those people receive training, you save money, and the whole team moves forward!

  • Screening of 50-100 peole: € 2.000,- plus a 20% discount on full-day PICSA training

  • Screenning of 100-200 people: €3.000,- plus a 30% discount on full-day PICSA training

  • Screening of 200-500 people: € 5.000,- plus a 50% discount on full-day PICSA training

You are a successful leader and presenter already and want to have your excellent performance scientifically certified for your CV?
Go for it! We also have an attractive PICSA offer for you!
Congratulations! It will be our pleasure to boost your career even further!
For your convenience, our analysis-and-certification service is done fully online. A few minutes of your speech are sufficient!
Basic price: € 350,- (incl. certificate and testimonial, if requested)
And if you are not satisfied with your performance and PASCAL score, then book a little extra feedback, training, and re-analysis session with us.
Package price: only € 550,-
You are a successful trainer or coach and would like to include the PISCA training methods and tools in your own business?
Of course! Check out our tailored Train-the-trainer offers!

That's great! We are happy to become your new strong and reliable business partner!

Our train-the-trainer offers all consist of

  • a three-day seminar during which we familiarize you with the conceptual and scientific back-ground knowledge required to use PICSA in your own seminars and workshops

  • an introduction into the PICSA training tools "Pitcher", "Speaker" and the PICSA app.

  • 100 free PICSA analyses

Platinum PICSA partner programme: € 20.000,-

  • seminar as described above

  • plus 1.000 PICSA analyses per year (pay only € 10,- per analysis)

  • additional full access to MARRYS & BLISS

Golden PICSA partner programme: € 15.000,-

  • seminar as described above

  • plus 1.000 PICSA analyses per year (pay only € 10,- per analysis)

Silver PICSA partner programme: € 10.000,-

  • seminar as described above

  • plus 500 PICSA analyses per year (pay only    € 12,- per analysis)

Bronze PICSA partner programme: € 5.000,-

  • seminar as described above

  • plus 150 PICSA analyses per year (pay only    € 15,- per analysis)

You are interested in a training with AllGoodSpeakers ApS but need advice or a personalized offer?
Wonderful! Just send us an email or give us a call and we will find your best solution together.

Your voice is your

most important personal asset!


Don't undervalue it. Rather, increase your value today and discover the unique opportuni-ties of digital rhetoric for you!

Our products for you to purchase separately

The MARRYS system

MARRYS stands for Mandibular Action Related Rhythm Signals.

It is a worldwide unique device that measures and records people's jaw movements, e.g., when speaking.

See here for why jaw movements matter for your impact on people and understand how MARRYS can help you become a better speaker.

MARRYS is a high-end device for scientific, coaching, and clinical (therapeutic) purposes - as well as a plug&play tool for everyone.


Bliss - this is our unique Body Language Interpreting Suit System.

Like MARRYS, BLISS is developed and tested based on scientific research - and tailored to supplement our PICSA services by a digital, multi-channel analysis and visualization of your essential body-language parameters.

Are you standing upright? Do you have a solid footing in the sense that your weight is evenly distributed over both feet? How much do you walk around and/or wave your arms around on stage? BLISS was designed to answer these questions for you!


Our innovative ChariSense technology is like a common anti-stress ball but smarter and equipped with high-end pressure sensors. You simply hold it in your dominant hand and squeeze it according to the rhythm of your speech.

The way you squeeze the ChariSense ball while talking tells a lot about how expressive, emotional, vivid, and attention-attracting your speech is. ChariSense can even measure how anxious or self-confident you are.

ChariSense can be the handy, mobile, and effective everyday training and feedback tool that is always at your disposal to become the speaker you always wanted to be.

Per-Breath system

The "Per" in our Per-Breath system stands for Persuasion & Performance.


Our Per-Breath system can help you obtain a fuller and more resonant voice quality, and it can assist you in acquiring a calming way of breathing that reduces stress and anxiety and help you focus on the What and How of your actual speaking task.

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