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Acoustic Voice Profiling®

Acoustic Voice Profiling® is the training concept linked to PICSA. And like PICSA it is digital. What does that mean? It means connectivity! We can combine Acoustic Voice Profiling® will all kinds of digital technologies -- for your benefit, comfort, and fun.

You have booked a training with us and would like to know what you can expect? Or do you need more details before making your booking? No problem! Here is how we improve your voice's charisma... and keep you at this high performance level after your training.

PISCA-based Acoustic Voice Profiling® is based on five elements:

#1 The PICSA Analysis

We start with recording, processing, and analyzing your communication signals with respect to 6-16 empirically selected acoustic parameters

#2 The PASCAL Score

Then, you receive a summary of the PICSA analysis in a single value: your charismatic-voice score. We call this the PASCAL score. In addition, you get a comprehensive report that shows you how you performed on each relevant parameter (compared to famous speakers, if you like)

Screenshot - 04_01 002.tif
#3 Knowledge & Skills

Then, you learn how to interpret the PICSA score and report; and based on background knowledge about the mechanics, physics, and physiologiy of speech production, you under-stand how to change your speech, breathing, and voice behavior to improve your PASCAL performance

#4 Tools & Traning

Our specifically devel-oped and scientifically approved hard- and software tools assist you on your journey to a more charismatic speak-er. Our experts super-vise your improvements and show you which tools and techniques serve your individual training needs best

#5 Consolidation

You receive an access code to our exclusive PICSA App (Android and online via web browser). The App helps you keep your new level of excellence after the end of an intensive train-ing day with us. Go on practicing your chari-smatic voice wherever and whenever you want


Fancy a little gamification? -- You want to improve your charismatic speech performance in exciting VR audience simulations like a regular business meeting or a keynote in a large concert-hall? You want to challenge yourself in a competition and compare your performance with those of celebrity speakers like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Angela Merkel, Sheryl Sandberg, or Queen Elizabeth II? You are up for a little karaoke game and want see your voice signals on a screen, with color-coded feedback on your charisma performance? -- PICSA-based Acoustic Voice Profiling® is all this and a lot more!

Acoustic Voice Profiling® works! Empirical research shows that the PISCA training concept improves your charismatic voice by 30% or more in a single full-day training. Please see here for further information.

Results of a perception experiment with 56 listeners

PASCAL score of men increases from 33.7 to 73.5

PASCAL scores of women increase from 27.8 to 70.9

Women benefit even more from PICSA training than men

Approved rating scales, selected and combined on empirical grounds; ratings were made based on 60-sec stimuli

17 speakers

12 speakers

The "Pitcher"

Monitor your speaking tempo,

pitch level, pitch range, pausing

behavior and other relevant

charismatic-voice features

while you are talking

The "Speaker"

Monitor the clarity of your rhythm and articulation and have your acoustic body size analyzed and improved while talking

The "MARRYS" cap

Experience with real-time feedback how you open and close your mouth while talking and optimize these movements for a better rhythm, loudness, and articulation.

VR presentations

Practice your new charisma skills with different audiences in various virtual presentation scenarios and effectively fight your public-speaking anxiety.

Breath control

Learn how to breath right before and during your presen-tations for a louder, more re-sonant, more sustainable and less shaky voice

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