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AllGoodSpeakers goes virtual -- with VirtuVoce

It was about time that our Acoustic Voice Profiling® gets implemented in VR exercises. Some things just cannot be trained and learned in the real world. But the VirtuVoce app is so much more! It is the world's (very) first "voice gym", and it helps children and students mastering their oral exams.

Acoustic Voice Profiling® on TV

We had the great honor of being able to demonstrate our Acoustic Voice Profiling® and training to a team from Quarks&Co, one of the most successful and award-winning science magazines on German television. Result: Everyone had fun and learned a lot, especially the coachees - despite the TV bustle.

Public Speaking Training with Danish students at Struer.

Our public speaking trainers had an incredible time hosting a workshop for 120 Danish students from 4th to 8th grade during Forskningsdøgn at Sound Hub Denmark! The kids explored VIRTUVOCE – the world's first voice gym – where they trained different elements of their voices, just like working out various muscles in a regular gym.

Politicians' vocal charisma analyzed

Our CEO studied in Zurich for a semester and wrote parts of his doctoral thesis here - not least because of this it was something very special for us to stand in the Swiss Parliament and compare the vocal charisma of Swiss Federal President Simonetta Sommaruga with her international competitors.

Vocal charisma - a literally "super"-human ability

The magic of voice and face. In this TV report from the German-French broadcaster ARTE, we of course took care of the voice - and, among other things, showed in an experiment that high vocal charisma still works when it is transferred from people to talking machines and even navigation devices in cars.

What is Acoustic Voice Profiling®, actually, and how was it developed?

On the occasion of the release of our new generation of speech analysis, the Voice-Vector® AVP, we shot this little video on our own account with our CEO. Oliver Niebuhr explains the creation of the Acoustic Voice Profiling® back in 2017, gives a brief insight into the research on and around vocal charisma, and explains the advantages of Voice Vector®.

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