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The Science Behind Our Training


Our Perception-Integrated Charismatic Speech Analysis (PICSA) is a revolutionary algorithm that allows us to evaluate and improve your public speaking skills.

PICSA is the result of more than 15 years of intensive research and development efforts and operates on findings gained from experiments with about 500,000 listener ratings. "What is the ideal value range for each acoustic parameter of your voice?" - "How important is each feature of my voice in impacting my audience?" PICSA knows all this - and it knows this for both genders and even for different professions.

Research shows that, with PICSA, we can predict who will be well-received by the audience and, for example, win a speaking competition. We can also predict school grades in oral exams. And a recent doctoral thesis at the Sate University of New York found that PICSA is similarly good at assessing levels of psychopathy as standardised questionnaires. Of course, this always applies within statistical limits.


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Acoustic Voice Profiling®

AllGoodSpeakers ApS is currently the only company worldwide that can analyze your performance in terms of “Voice Vectors”®. 


Sounds complicated, but actually makes it easier for you to develop your voice according to your individual characteristics and goals.


What is a Voice Vector®?

Simply put, we do not evaluate a particular feature of your voice in isolation, but in conjunction with at least one other feature. The features in combination then determine how far you deviate from the ideal constellation of a good speaker.

Would you like an example?

Traditional rhetoric trainers or competing products might give you the following feedback: “Your voice is too high, you need to lower it.” In contrast, our Voice Vector® analysis would tell you: "Your voice sounds too high because your loudness is too low at the same time."


Depending on what suits you better, you can now either work on increasing the loudness or lowering the pitch of your voice. The former will bring you along your Voice Vector more towards a stage voice, the latter more towards an audio book voice.

You decide! - That's the magic of our Voice Vector® technology.

We are currently measuring and training 6 voice vectors, two each for competence, self-confidence and passion, and from everything we calculate your total charisma score, gender-specifically of course.

What do we do with your Voice Profile?

        - We begin by recording your speech, and then analyze it using a variety of parameters, including pitch, melody, loudness, tempo, voice quality, pauses, disfluencies, stress, rhythm, and more.

    - This comprehensive analysis helps us identify your strengths and weaknesses and tailor our coaching to your specific needs. That is, we develop a training plan for you and select which of our hardware and software helpers should support you at each stage of your training.

       - Then, we supervise you and guide you through your training and make further voice profiles at regular intervals so that you can see your progress.

Why our Voice Profiling  works? 

01: Holistic Approach

Unlike most other tools and algorithms, we look at all facets of your voice, and we don’t forget who is behind the voice, i.e. you, your age, gender, profession etc.

02: Large database 

PICSA was developed specifically and systematically in the laboratory with about 500,000 listeners ratings. This considerable foundation enabled us to understand and model how the individual facets of the voice work and interact or interfere, and how much each facet counts for making a specific impression.

03: Continuous recalibration 

We have already carried out over 3,000 PISCA analyses. With each analysis, we understand a little better how speech performances are distributed in the population, e.g. across age, gender and profession, and this makes future assessments increasingly precise. Think of it like the resolution of a photo. It makes a difference whether they are 1 megapixel, 5 or 100 megapixels, right? It is the same with PICSA. With each analysis we gain an additional pixel - and the view becomes sharper.

Read more about our Research

At AllGoodSpeakers ApS, our team is dedicated to providing clients with the best public speaking coaching available. Our services are based on a combination of our own internal research and cutting-edge findings in the acoustic sciences. 

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