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What do our clients say?

Andreia Onofre,

SDU Talent Programme 

"One of best Talent Programme workshops: entertaining, fun, very interesting and incredibly useful!"

Ken Madsen


"The classes taught by Mr Niebuhr have taken our level of insight to a whole new level - adding a layer of strong academic knowledge - to our toolbox"


Tech news
website in Denmark

Ringo Goßler

Head of sales

DEKA Investment Bank

There can be no doubt that Oliver Niebuhr is "Denmark's and Europe's leading expert in the field
[of digital rhetoric]"

Ringo Goßler

Head of sales

DEKA Investment Bank

"If, after two online training sessions and three voice samples, you notice improvements in yourself and you are on the same scale as Steve Jobs and Barack Obama, then you can speak of a successful training session. Many thanks!"

Tobias Nüßler
Global Vice President
Veridos GmbH

"This is applied science at its best! Working with my own voice in a fun and profound way with your specialized toolset helped me a lot to 'realize' and 'improve' my own competences in this area. I enjoyed it very much, many thanks"

Annette Ziemer
Marketing, HR,


"Scientifically based feedback and at the same time clearly visualized; Oliver Niebuhr offers acoustic profiling and training that leads to a significantly better understanding of one's own voice and its effects"

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