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Unlock your speaking potential!

Tap into your speaking potential through public speaking training with AllGoodSpeakers.

AllGoodSpeakers ApS is the first 21st-century rhetoric company.

We provide digital assessment and feedback technologies for public speaking training.

Why Choose AllGoodSpeakers ApS?


As a scientific driving force in public speaking coaching,  we provide objectified analysis and data-driven insights to help you become a more effective and confident speaker. Our trainers are experts in acoustic sciences, frequently at the forefront of innovation in this field. Count on us to help you stand out with every speech you give.


We believe public speaking is a skill that anyone can learn with the right guidance. That’s why all of our coaches are experts with doctorates who have practiced both in academia and the business world. With our team of professionals, you’ll learn how to captivate an audience and deliver effective presentations.


Our coaching program is designed to provide you with the skills and tools you need to succeed as a public speaker. We use proven techniques to help you improve your delivery, connect with your audience, and build confidence. With our guaranteed improvement program, we promise measurable results and will show you the progress you've made throughout the coaching session, supported by our own innovative hardware and software. 

Our Mission 

77% of the world's population is afraid of speaking in front of other people - with serious consequences. People isolate themselves or become ill, careers are not started, innovative ideas are not put forward and political and social debates are not conducted in a representative manner.


At AllGoodSpeakers ApS, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to become a confident and successful communicator. Our mission is to be the game changer and forerunner in this field by integrating science and technology into our training approach, lifting it to a level of precision, effectiveness, and even fun. Our experienced coaches are passionate about teaching and sharing the strategies that will help both individuals and businesses improve their communication skills and achieve their goals.

The numbers 


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Training programs 



Acoustic Voice Profiling® 

Acoustic Voice Profiling® is a training concept that we offer in combination with PICSA, our cutting-edge digital platform. Our digital approach to coaching means that we can offer you personalized feedback and connect you with hardware and software that helps you get to know your voice, develop analytic listening and self-monitoring skills, and, ultimately, improve faster. Through Acoustic Voice Profiling®, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your voice and accompany you with precision and fun on the way to confident, effective speaking - wherever you need it and whenever you need it.

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Our training programs

We offer personalized coaching programs for everyone, from beginners to experienced professionals. Our team of trainers is dedicated to helping you sharpen your skills and overcome your fears when speaking in public.

We have programs for individuals, teams, businesses, and even other external coaches. So whether you're looking to train your staff, prepare for a big keynote speech, or boost your own coaching, we can help - in three of the world's major languages: English, German, and Spanish.


Contact us today to start your journey towards becoming a confident and effective public speaker!

Our Hardware Products

We offer a wide selection of products specifically designed to measure, analyse, and train various key aspects of communication - also beyond public speaking, for example, for application in speech pathology, psychology, personal development, and language learning. All our devices are scientifically tried and tested and meet the highest expectations on functionality, accuracy, and learning success.




Our Partners 

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