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Introducing Per-Breath: Master the Art of Persuasive Breathing! 🌬️🎙️


Unleash the Power of Balanced Breathing with Per-Breath! 🚀💨

Breathing forms the foundation of impactful speaking. Well-balanced breathing not only enhances the timbre and power of your voice but also contributes to charismatic speaking. Our research-backed Per-Breath system, inspired by the concept of "Persuasive Breathing," is designed to elevate your breathing patterns and enhance your speaking prowess.


The Essence of Per-Breath 🌬️💡

Per-Breath is more than a measurement and training system; it's your companion in mastering the art of persuasive breathing. Developed based on the RespTrack system from the Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden, Per-Breath takes this technology further by offering a user-friendly and practical approach suitable for practitioners with diverse backgrounds.


Key Features of Per-Breath 🚀🔍

  • Time-Synchronous Recording: Captures speech and breathing in perfect harmony.
  • Two-Channel Breathing Analysis: Utilizes belts at abdominal and chest levels for a comprehensive view.
  • High Precision Analysis: Boasts a 1,000 Hz sampling rate and 16-bit quantization, ensuring accuracy to approximately 1 mm.
  • HD Quality Voice Recording: Records voice signals at 48,000 Hz sampling rate and 16-bit quantization.
  • Wireless and Mobile: Eliminates power cables, ensuring mobility and freedom on your "stage."
  • Rechargeable Battery: Integrated into a comfortable box at the lower back with a lifespan of about 4-6 hours; easy USB charging.
  • Comfortable Belts: High-quality, soft belts with adjustable length and an easy 1-click opening and closing mechanism for maximum comfort.
  • WiFi Connection: Connects seamlessly to laptops or smartphones for real-time analysis.
  • User-Friendly App: Graphical interface displaying chest and abdomen breathing signals, their strength relative to each other, overall breathing amplitude, and frequency patterns with color-coded feedback.
  • Complete Package: Includes a user manual, video tutorial, transport box, and all necessary cables.
  • Technical Service: 12 months of technical service, extendable for an annual fee.


Primary Customers 🎤🌿

  • Rhetorical Trainers
  • Meditation and Anti-Stress Coaches
  • Public Speaking Enthusiasts


Elevate Your Speaking with Per-Breath! 🌬️🌟

Transform your breathing patterns, enhance your voice, and amplify your speaking impact with Per-Breath. For inquiries or to experience the transformative capabilities of Per-Breath, contact us at Breathe persuasively, speak convincingly! 🗣️💨


    Per-Breath is an acronym for persuasive breathing. Well-balanced breathing can make the timbre of the voice more sonorous and the voice more powerful.


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