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Service Description

Prioritize Seamless Team Communication and Customer Relations! 🤝💼 Is your company built on the foundation of stellar team communication and strong customer relations, but you're uncertain about which employees could benefit from communication and presentation training? Our specialized screening offer is tailored just for you! PICSA Screening Package: Empowering Your Team at Scale! 🎤🚀 Seize the opportunity with our extensive PICSA screening package, designed to evaluate the communication and presentation skills of 100-500 of your employees. Here's what's included: What's Included: 🧑‍🤝‍🧑Extensive Employee Screening: Evaluate communication and presentation skills for 100-500 employees. 📈Comprehensive Report with Graphics: Receive an in-depth report featuring graphics illustrating the quality of communication and presentation skills across your company. 🎯Strategic Recommendations: Leverage our expertise as we identify and suggest 25-100 employees who stand to benefit the most from a PICSA group training. Optional Add-On: Acoustic Voice Profiles® 🎶📊 🗨️As an optional add-on, we offer to provide Acoustic Voice Profiles® for the identified 25-100 employees. This additional layer of insight allows us to craft a discounted training option tailored to their unique strengths and areas for improvement. Why Choose PICSA Screening at Scale? 🌐📈 ✅Holistic Evaluation: Assess communication skills across a large workforce. ✅Targeted Training Recommendations: Identify a substantial number of employees poised for improvement. ✅Cost-Effective Solutions: Optimize your training investment with our tailored packages.

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