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Service Description

Does Your Company Thrive on Team Communication and Customer Relations? 🤝💼 If your company places a premium on seamless team communication and fostering excellent customer relationships but you're uncertain about which employees would benefit from communication and presentation training, our screening offer is tailor-made for you! PICSA Screening Package: Unlock Potential Across Your Team! 🎤🔍 Take advantage of our extended PICSA screening package, where we assess 50-100 of your employees under attractive conditions. Here's what you can expect: What's Included: Comprehensive Employee Screening: Evaluate communication and presentation skills for 50-100 employees. Detailed Report with Graphics: Receive a comprehensive report with graphics depicting the quality of communication and presentation skills within your company. Personalized Recommendations: Benefit from our expertise as we suggest 20-25 employees who would gain the most from a PICSA group training. Optional Add-On: Acoustic Voice Profiles® 🎶📊 As an optional add-on, we offer to provide Acoustic Voice Profiles® for the identified 20-25 employees. This additional layer of insight allows us to tailor a discounted training option specifically suited to their unique strengths and areas for improvement. Why Choose PICSA Screening? 🌟📈 Tailored Training Recommendations: Identify the individuals who will benefit the most from training. Enhanced Team Dynamics: Improve overall team communication and collaboration. Discounted Training Options: Optimize your investment with personalized training solutions. Ready to Enhance Your Team's Communication Skills? 🚀👥 Reach out to us to discuss your company's unique needs, and let's embark on a journey to elevate your team's communication and presentation skills! 📞📧 PRICE without Acoustic Voice Profiles®: €20 per employee PRICE with Acoustic Voice Profiles®: €20 per employee plus €2,000 for the Acoustic Voice Profiles®. Included is a 20% discount (promo code) on the price of a PICSA group training (worth up to €2,200 depending on the selected training).

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