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Unlock Professional Excellence: Refine Your Voice, Reframe Your Impact!

  • 7 hr
  • From 30,000 Danish kroner

Service Description

Our bestselling package for professionals offers a comprehensive coaching experience designed to enhance your voice and communication skills. Here's what the package includes: 🗣️ In-Person Coaching Day: 1 full day (7 hours excl. breaks) with a concomitant effectiveness analysis using 3 Acoustic Voice Profiling® analyzes with Voice Vector® technology. Day Breakdown: 🎤 Voice Characteristics Introduction: Explore celebrity warm-up audios and listening tasks to lay the foundations for analytical listening. 📈 Acoustic Voice Profiling Familiarization: Learn to read and interpret your voice profile with an understanding of characteristics and scales. 🎙️ Interactive Exercises: Utilize software-based voice visualization for exercises on pitch, volume, rhythm, tempo, and pausing. 🌈 Emphatic Accents Exploration: Understand the form and function of emphatic accents to add a personalized touch to your voice. 🛠️ Hardware Packages Boost: Choose from hardware packages (VR & Sensefloor, Woojer & In-PoCo, MARRYS) to enhance competence, self-confidence, or passion. 🧠 Audio Quizzes: Consolidate knowledge and refine analytical listening skills through engaging audio quizzes. 🤝 Final Clarification: Address DOs, Don'ts, and myths about charisma and public speaking to refine your skills. 💻 Online Consolidation Meetings (3 half-hour sesTailored content, including: ✅In-depth training of emphatic accents ✅Interactive exercises on pitch, volume, rhythm, tempo, and pausing ✅Discussion of the third Acoustic Voice Profile ✅Analysis of further personal development Embark on a journey to unlock your full communication potential with our exclusive professional development package! 🚀✨For the premium price, step into our "house" and immerse yourself in the heart of All Good Speakers. Join us in Sonderborg, Denmark, for an exclusive experience: 🌐 Location Visit: Tour our state-of-the-art lab and experience firsthand the development of cutting-edge hardware and software. 🛫 Inclusive Package: Explore with EU-internal flights and indulge in two nights in an exclusive sea-view penthouse at Sonderborg harbor. 🎤 Personalized Approach for Your Success! Our established approach begins with an initial acoustic voice profiling, priced at €199 individually.Following the analysis, we'll collaborate to design your ideal and most effective training with us. Opt for the training, and the initial Acoustic Voice Profiling is on us!

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