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  • 4 hr
  • Price on request

Service Description

Does Your Company Thrive on Team Communication and Customer Relations? 🤝💼 If your company values seamless team communication and excellent customer relationships but you're unsure about which employees could benefit from communication and presentation training, our screening offer is designed for you! PICSA Screening Package: Unlock Potential in Your Team! 🎤🔍 Take advantage of our small-scale PICSA screening package, where we assess up to 50 of your employees under attractive conditions. Here's what you can expect: What's Included: Comprehensive Employee Screening: We evaluate communication and presentation skills for up to 50 employees. Detailed Report with Graphics: Receive a detailed report with graphics illustrating the quality of communication and presentation skills within your company. Personalized Recommendations: Benefit from our expertise as we suggest 10-12 employees who would gain the most from a PICSA group training. Optional Add-On: Acoustic Voice Profiles® 🎶📊 As an optional add-on, we offer to provide Acoustic Voice Profiles® for the identified 10-12 employees. This additional layer of insight allows us to tailor a discounted training option specifically suited to their unique strengths and areas for improvement. Why Choose PICSA Screening? 🌟📈 Tailored Training Recommendations: Identify the individuals who will benefit the most from training. Enhanced Team Dynamics: Improve overall team communication and collaboration. Discounted Training Options: Optimize your investment with personalized training solutions. Ready to Enhance Your Team's Communication Skills? 🚀👥 Reach out to us to discuss your company's unique needs, and let's embark on a journey to elevate your team's communication and presentation skills! 📞📧 PRICE without Acoustic Voice Profiles®: €25 per employee PRICE with Acoustic Voice Profiles®: €25 per employee plus €1000 for the Acoustic Voice Profiles®. Included is a 20% discount (promo code) on the price of a PICSA group training (worth up to €1,100 depending on the selected training).

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